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Ferenc Fehér: STIX 66
Date: March 28, 2014
VenueAbrons Arts Center
Tickets: $15 Purchase via Abrons

Fehér’s Stix 66 is an ultimatum to simplicity. With his incredible virtuosity, acrobatic abilities, and physical strength, his solo is a captivating exploration of nothingness. After his 2011 NY debut, which ended in an enthusiastic standing ovation, Ferenc Fehér returns with a new opus. Selected as “Priority Artists” by Aerowaves, the European cross-border dance network, Austria’s Navaridas+Deutinger and Hungary’s Ferenc Fehér take the stage at Abrons Arts Center as an exceptional double bill. For two performances on 28 February and 1 March, Ferenc Fehér presents his enigmatic Stix 66, and ode to simplicity, exploring notions of emptiness, plain existence without meaning and reference. For more click here.




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