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Spirit of Hungary



Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 4 pm
Gerald W Lynch Theatre at John Jay College | 524 W59th Street (btw 10th & 11th Aves), New York
Tickets | $ 30, $ 40, $ 50
To Purchase Tickets visit or call 1-212-279-4200
The tour and the New York performance are sponsored by the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight 60th Anniversary Memorial Board.

The Hungarian National Dance Ensemble, the premier folk dance company of Hungary, present a new program created especially for the anniversary of the 1956 revolution by its artistic director Zoltan Zsurafszky. The Spirit of Hungary in Memoriam 1956 features contemporary and thematic dances of the Revolution, paying homage to the thousands that fought and fell or left for the West, including the United States, searching for freedom. The second half of the program is devoted to a medley of Hungarian folk dance traditions.

The current tour spans 14 cities including New York City, where the ensemble will perform on the afternoon of the symbolic date of October 23, the anniversary of the mass protests that sparked the revolution. The performances are presented by Centrum Management with the sponsorship of the Consulate General of Hungary in New York, the Balassi Institute - Hungarian Cultural Center, William Penn Association and a host of local co-organizers.
Spirit of Hungary - Revolution and Roots in Dance and Music

Established in 1949, this legendary company has been touring the world to great acclaim. Previous productions of the ensemble’s artistic director, the celebrated choreographer, Zoltán Zsuráfszky (Csárdás,Tango of the East and Gypsy Spirit, Journey of the Roma), have repeatedly garnered success with North American audiences. Following its tour of Japan, the ensemble is now set to re-conquer North America. The current tour commemorates the 60th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian uprising against Soviet rule, while also presenting authentic Hungarian folklore in a dazzling performance featuring three dozen participants.


The first part of the show features contemporary and thematic dances commemorating the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, the historic uprising against Soviet dictatorship. Fearing a brutal repression, thousands of Hungarians escaped their country, settling in the West, most in the USA and Canada, where they made great contributions to the economic and political development of their host countries. The Ensemble’s choreography will pay homage to this historic event and to those immigrants who had to leave their country, reaching the US shores to find a safer, better life.


In the second half, the program will showcase authentic Hungarian folk music and dances. With roots dating back to mediaeval times, Hungarian folklore is especially rich, mirroring the cross-cultural influences of the Carpathian Basin. Watch as Zsuráfszky’s choreographies and the ensemble’s superbly trained dancers and musicians magically transform the stage into a remote village celebration, presenting its vibrant traditions and cultural treasures.

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