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Parno Graszt Tour

Parno Graszt (meaning White Horse in Romani language as symbols of purity and freedom) is not just another Gypsy band from Eastern Europe playing traditional Gypsy music... Parno Graszt is a massive blast of energy which totally shook the world when their first record Hit The Piano got in the TOP10 of World Music Charts Europe in 2002.
Ever since, the irresistable vitality of the 9-piece family mezmerized many around the world. Songlines Magazine considered them as ’The Source of Gypsy music’ while BBC drove the attention to their simple rural life in an up-close documentary.
After four records and years of touring in Europe, India and the USA, Parno Graszt was selected to showcase at WOMEX 2009, the foremost international summit of world music professionals. As Peter Gabriel owned RealWorld Records appraised,  ‘we loved as they kept on singing out in the crowd after they finished their set and the stage was being cleared – a great moment of spontaneity.’ - Parno Graszt: Romano Bijo - Parno Graszt: Káde shukár - Parno Graszt: Muro Kiki (with dancing)
Indeed, at their concerts there is no band, there is no audience – there is one unified festive gathering. Whether they play in their backyard or in front of 10,000 people the same buoyant energy vibrates in the air.

Parno Graszt is going on a mini-tour this summer. For concert dates check the flyer.


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