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A zany tale about four generations of "fools" amidst the storms of the 20th century.

Switch off your phone, grab some popcorn, and get comfortable to enjoy the screening of this fine Hungarian movie.

During social distancing, we present you nothing but the best of Hungarian cinema of the past and present through our Private Screenings.

On the occasion of the Day of National Unity, now you can watch MOM AND OTHER LOONIES IN THE FAMILY, a zany tale of a Hungarian family across the stormy historical events of the 20th century by director Ibolya Fekete (Bolshe vita).

The film is about four generations of "fools" with Mom in the focus, who has lived 94 years and moved 27 times in her life. At the age of 94, Mom tells the story to her daughter – a playful, heart-warming, and occasionally heartbreaking span of a hundred years.

The link and a special password for watching the film is available upon subscribing to our newsletter:
With the password provided, you can access the movie until June 6.

Director: Ibolya Fekete
Writer/ Screenplay: Ibolya Fekete
Cast: Eszter Ónodi, Tibor Gáspár, Petra Hovanyecz

Mom and Other Loonies in the Family


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