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Modernity X Hungary

How do you start a dialogue between the innovators of the avant-garde – who transformed our notions of culture and technology – and the most creative minds of the present – who, perhaps less optimistic, still try to offer perspectives about living, about culture and about our options in the world as humans? One way to approach such a dialogue is through the person and legacy of László Moholy-Nagy. A great Hungarian artist and designer, a major Bauhaus contributor, Moholy-Nagy was at the vanguard of artistic innovation for decades. With revolutionary fervor, he pursued opportunities to rethink life in the 20th century. Does his legacy, along with that of the Bauhaus movement – to which many Hungarians, including Marcell Breuer contributed decisively – offer an invitation to converse with the present? We think it does. And it also helps us reflect upon humanity’s continuous search for innovation and novel perspectives in bettering our everyday existence.

Throughout history Hungarians have been participating in this global process, with admirable results. At its core Modernity X Hungary seeks to address both the broader discourse and the Hungarian contribution at the same time, examining this dual perspective is its chief mission and purpose. NYC audiences will have an opportunity to experience how some of the most outstanding minds of the past and present century tackle these issues through the medium of art. We are confident that they will leave pondering the insights artists offer to those willing to engage with their work. From technology to our place in nature, from the individual body to the social contract, a variety of programs will challenge notions of modernism and inspire through exhibitions and a multitude of events, notably in partnership with AlmaOnDobbin Foundation and Art Market Budapest. In addition, audiences can anticipate exciting concerts at prime venues, revisiting the music of high modernism and postmodernism alike, presented in cooperation with Budapest Music Center. Finally, and most importantly, in support of and through joint programming at the Guggenheim Museum we are happy to contribute to their great undertaking of exhibiting a major Moholy-Nagy retrospective. We congratulate the Guggenheim Museum for choosing to present the work of this great artist and are proud to be one of the sponsors of the exhibition.

Our partners in this endevour are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, the Consulate General of Hungary in New York, the ALMA on Dobbin Foundation, the Art Market Budapest, the Budapest Music Center and the 1956 Memorial Committee.

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