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JUNE 11 | 4.15-5.15PM
Kinfolk Studios | 90 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11249

JUNE 11 | 5.15-7.15PM
Kinfolk Studios | 90 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11249

See the 8 selected start ups compete with each other to convince the jury composed of scene influencers that their project is most worthy of investment to grow. An event with very real stakes as Northside fills the floor with those looking to place capital where it will grow, this is also a fun hour of experiencing Hungarian innovation in a dynamic format. Then you go on to experiencing Hungarian fun and wine in a no less dynamic format… Yes, drinks will be served. This event is open to Premium and Innovation badge holders and invitees.

JURY info is coming soon.


Tep is the cutest way to stay active. It is a mobile app that helps people lose weight in a fun and enjoyable way - it combines a sports tracker app with a virtual pet that can only be kept alive by your physical activities.

Aero Glass is an Augmented Realty navigation solution for aircraft pilots, using Head-Mounted Displays. Through smart glasses, the pilots gain a 360° true 3D view of all relevant information around them. Information is presented in a natural manner, instead of looking at and interpreting complex cockpit instrument data. For the first time, pilots can see airspaces, navigation points, airways, other aircraft, weather and all safety-relevant information around them.

PublishDrive is the one stop solution for ebooks. With PublishDrive we empower ebook publishers globally - with only one click publishers can upload their catalog, publish their content everywhere and track detailed sales analytics to market their ebooks globally. PublishDrive delivers content to all markets such as Amazon Kindle, iBooks or Google Play and to 400 local e-shops worldwide to let content reach its global audience. PublishDrive is one of the only 10 companies globally being featured on Apple's site as a trusted partner.

Shapr3D set out to develop an easy and versatile software for the newcomers to the 3D printing scene. Its iPad app is simple and easy-to learn program that almost anyone can use to quickly and precisely design 3D objects. Shapr3D is one of the first-movers in its market, and it overcomes its competitors with superior ease of use, versatility, price, and speed.

Imagine a lightening wall, which is controllableby a swipe like a tablet. The MosaicLights patented technology brings the light and functional interactivity to a surface, illuminating walls, floors, areas of premises covered by glass mosaic, glass, onyx, marble or any semitransparent material indoor, outdoor or in a wet environment. Interface for the future of smart home, home automation systems.


UniBreeze helps college students discover awesome extracurricular activities on campus and neighbouring campuses. It is also a great tool for student clubs to gain more visibility among students. We provide them useful statistics about their activities so they can improve next time and get more people involved. Totally automated, running in 3 countries on 500+ campuses.

Funspotter is a mobile app for people in a relationship. For the guys it's a list of the best date ideas in the city but the app is for the women - we help women to get taken out on romantic dates by their partners. It’s like Tinder for romantic experiences.

MIXY is the next generation of music players that mixes music like professional DJ's do. With MIXY, anyone can create harmonic transitions between songs or parts of songs without special skills or any musical background. Just sit back while MIXY does all the calculation to make the perfect blend of music.

The Happy Hour event @Northside will be accompanied by Dj JumoDaddy's Budapest Pop up performance. The party goes full tilt when we round out the afternoon with a special set from JumoDaddy, SXSW invited artist, DJ extraordinaire and electronica evangelist. Spinning the smoky Budapest electro to get you in the mood before you visit one of Northside’s late night events.


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