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Ernie Kovacs 100

How Hungarian comedy influenced New York

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 | 7 PM
Producers Club Theaters
Facebook event

Want to experience first-handed how Hungarian comedy influenced New York?

Come and ease from the pre-Seasons cold and hustle with remembering ERNIE KOVACS, the cigar-smoking, poker-playing Hungarian-American who was posthumously awarded an Emmy for his work in 1962.

An ever-lasting influence on domestic radio and TV, his unmistakable wit and surreal character-delivery are stemming from old-school Hungarian fin-de-siècle variety humor and cabaret.

Ernie Kovacs

The Hungarian-born American entertainment luminary had impacted generations of comedians like Andy Kaufman, Chevy Chase, or Jimmy Kimmel.

Television and radio daredevil Josh Mills will be hosting a one-of-a-kind evening, showing never-seen-before footage of Ernie’s work and sharing stories about him you never thought of. Edie Adams and Ernie Kovacs archivist Ben Model curates the clips presented for the program and will join Josh for a discussion and Q&A to follow the screening.

Vaulted from obscurity to TV and movie stardom, Kovacs was born from Hungarian parents in Trenton, NJ a hundred years ago, and paved his way from local Philadelphia through WABC and NBC straight to Hollywood.

He had shows running on four commercial TV networks and had appeared in movies as “Operation Mad Ball,” “Bell, Book and Candle,” “It Happened To Jane,” “Wake Me When It’s Over,” “Sail a Crooked Ship” and “Our Man in Havana”.

Ernie Kovacs


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