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East Gipsy Band Tour

Introducing the East Gipsy Band
EAST GIPSY BAND represents an exciting fusion format for creating unique and captivating music. Its members are highly respected representatives of jazz and roma world music. Accordingly, theirs is an adventure with the traditions of Roma music filtered through the sensibilities of jazz. The band, formed by József Balázs, consists of the founder on piano, Lajos Sárközi on violin, György Orbán on double-bass, Vilmos Oláh on cymbalum, and Elemér Balázs on drums, with Guszti Balogh contributing vocals. Their debut album Ageless Message was released in May 2011, featuring the great saxophone player Tim Ries, who invited the band in 2012 and in January this year to tour with him the East Coast of the United States and Canada.

A second American-Canadian tour, scheduled for January 2014, provided a prime opportunity for these exceptional musicians to bring their unique mix of tradition and innovation and their interpretation of the treasures of Hungarian and Central European Roma culture to a broader international audience.

The 2014 August&September United States tour
August 30, Sat 12.15AM     - Detroit Jazz Festival, VOLT Lounge Jam Session
August 31, Sun 5.45PM      - Detroit Jazz Festival, Carhartt Amphitheater Stage
September 3, Wed 7.30PM - Frick Fine Arts Auditorium, University of Pittsburgh, Oakland
September 6, Sat 7.30PM   - Sharp Theater, Ramapo College, New Jersey
September 6, Sat 12.30AM - Blue Note, New York

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Oct 31.
- Oct 31.
Online Cimbalom Gala: Nicholas Tolle


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