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Featured music showcase event
TUE October 13, 2020 | 8 PM
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Listen to how Carpathian artists conquer Mondo.NYC 2020!
Mondo.NYC, New York’s Annual Music Showcase Festival, will join forces with Hungarian Cultural Center, New York & the Budapest Showcase Hub, Central Eastern Europe's industry-leading yearly music event, to present, for the first time ever, four new artists from the Carpathian Basin.

Let's listen together to OIEE (HU), APEY (HU), FICTURE (SK), and IV-IN (RO), who will conquer the international music scene during the opening event of Mondo 2020 in form of a featured virtual showcase event.  

Co-presented by Hungarian Cultural Center, New York & Budapest Showcase Hub. Powered by Mondo.

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Oct 31.
- Oct 31.
Online Cimbalom Gala: Nicholas Tolle


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