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BOGGIE & Robert SINHA in Concert
PIANOS | 158 Ludlow Street, New York
March 14, 2016 | 11pm

10 Thousand Steps Hungarian Bookstore | 516 East 11th Street
March 15, 2016 | 7pm

The songs Boggie and Robert Sinha composed together integrate the elements of jazz, pop, classical music, tango and flamenco. Also, they have included some ancient Hungarian folk songs into their repertoire. One of these was arranged by using Astor Piazzolla's famous Libertango, and has become the starting point of a really unique 21st century world music fusion. In February 2014 Boggie and Robert Sinha performed together atAmsterdam's Rijksmuseum, which is one of the most prestigious cultural venues in Europe. In November 2014 and October 2015 they gave concerts at New York's Hofstra University. In November 2015 they also performed in Arizona, at the Hungarian Reformed Church of Phoenix. They regularly perform together at top Hungarian concert venues too.

BOGGIE is one of the top talents and internationally most renowned singers of the Hungarian music scene. In 2015 she won the Hungarian national competition titled "A Dal 2015". As a result of that she represented Hungary at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. Her first album titled Boggie (2013) was No.3 on the Billboard chart in 2014 February. Her videoclip titled "Parfum" gained a really significant international interest, reaching 30 million views. She already gave concerts in New York, Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Phoenix, Munich, Frankfurt, Lille, Marseille and Bilbao. In the Viennese Opera she performed at a concert titled "Pop meets Opera" that featured Placido Domingo too.

ROBERT SINHA is a classical guitar player and composer graduated from the Dutch Royal Music Academy in 2006. In Hungary he is renowned for his outstanding world-music projects. Apart from prestigious venues in Hungary, he already performed in New York (2010, 2014, 2015), Paris (2009, 2012), Madrid (2009), Amsterdam (2014), The Hague (2012), Brussels (2006, 2008, 2012, 2014), Delhi (2011), Phoenix (2015), Helsinki (2009), Bordeaux (2009, 2012) and Tilburg (2012). In 2008 he performed at the presence of the President of Hungary at the opening concert of the Hungarian National Day at Expo Zaragoza (Spain), broadcasted live by the Aragon Television. 



A Hungarian folk song arranged by using Astor Piazzolla's famous "Libertango"


Boggie and Robert Sinha live in Budapest (December 28, 2014)


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