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Special guided tours by Hungarian visual artists

Follow us every week to see the finest of NYC's art scene!

We regularly broadcast special atelier tours guided by outstanding Hungarian visual artists. Let them be painters, sculptors, or installation artists, they will present their masterpieces to our audience in their workshops or via exclusive montages.

In the final part of Samuel Havadtoy's installments in our Atelier Walks series, he presents an altar piece he convinced the legendary KEITH HARING to make, and how he reinterpreted the work later on.

Watch the most recent edition of the series!

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Sam Havadtoy is a British-born Hungarian-American interior designer, contemporary painter, and sculptor, who is the owner of Gallery 56. Moving to Hungary in 1956 with hopes of freedom, Havadtoy fled the country in 1971, eventually moving to New York City, where he resided until 2000. In 1978, he founded Samuel Havadtoy Gallery, an interior design gallery where he worked as a designer until 1981. Havadtoy designed the interiors of the homes of several notable artists, including John Lennon and Keith Haring. In 1981, Havadtoy turned to New York's artistic scene, where he became close friends with such luminaries as Haring, Andy Warhol, George Condo, Donald Baechler, and Yoko Ono. Starting to paint at an early age, he acquired his unmistakable style during the 1980s. He mainly uses oil, acrylic, and mixed techniques for his paintings. Havadtoy's works reflect subtle blends of different cultures, mostly Middle European and American popular culture.


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