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GLORIA | Fill your heart with joy on the Fourth Sunday of Advent

Celebratory Choir Performance in Commemoration of the Year of National Unity
SUN December 20 | 2 PM ET / 20:00 CET
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Fill your heart with joy on the Fourth Sunday of Advent by joining us as we commemorate National Unity and prepare for the Holiday season!
As a very special gift by the Hungarian Cultural Center in New York, the New Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir of Budapest, conducted by the renowned Director of the Kodály Institute, Dr. László Norbert Nemes, will perform a unique version of the mass piece GLORIA. Being one of the most ancient Christian hymns, Gloria extends on the angelic choir that signed the birth of Jesus Christ.
Performed by the New Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir.
Conductor: Dr. László Norbert Nemes.
Solo performance by Márta Iványi. Organ accompaniment by György Geiger.
Arrangement by Tamás Kálmán.
The performance will only be available on our platforms only.
About the choir
The New Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir is a select group of current students and recent graduates of the Liszt Academy of Budapest with the aim to maintain the quality choral tradition established by the original Liszt Ferenc Chamber Choir, by developing a sound quality based on identical individual vocal training and musicality of the members, relying on their high degree of sensitivity and musical intelligence. The New List Ferenc Chamber Choir gave its first concert at the Partium Christian University in Nagyvárad on April 17, 2010. Since then, their concerts attract ever-growing interest and achieve great success.

László Norbert Nemes, Director of the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy of Music has been the conductor of the New Liszt Ferenc Chamber, since September 2014. His first appearance with the choir took place during his university habilitation concert in March 2014.



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