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BÁLINT FÁBIÁN MEETS GOD | A strong and vivid statement about World War I and its aftermath

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Switch off your phone, and enjoy a fine Hungarian movie in the comfort of your home!

With the generous help of the Hungarian National Film Archive, Hungarian Cultural Center, New York brings you BÁLINT FÁBIÁN MEETS GOD (Fábián Bálint találkozása Istennel), master filmmaker Zoltán Fábri's 1978 picture, a strong and vivid statement about World War I and its aftermath as experienced by a family in rural Hungary.

You can subscribe to the event on Eventbrite until December 4 at 6 PM ET.
Upon registering for the screening, a special password and link will be sent to you via email at 12 midnight on December 5.
With the link and password provided, you can access the movie December 5 0:00 - 24:00.

About the film

Constantly haunted by the face of the Italian soldier he bayoneted at the close of the war, Fábián (Gábor Koncz) comes home to his distraught wife. During the war, the local priest became her lover. The affair is kept hidden from Fabian by his two sons, who avenged his honor by drowning the priest. Baffled by his wife's despair, Fabian also has to cope with the political changes brought about by a failed Revolution.

". . .delicate lyricism, precise photography, sensitive scoring. . .the remarkable performance of Gábor Koncz invests every one of Fábián's uncomprehending stares with a dimension of simple heroism." - Derek Elley, International Film Guide

Fabian Balint


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