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THROUGH THE LENS #2 | Virtual exhibitions of contemporary Hungarian photographers

Anikó Robitz: Geo/metry
On show December 4-18, 2020

exclusively on the Kunstmatrix exhibition platform of HCCNY
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We won’t let you without the best of contemporary art during the days of social distancing: Hungarian Cultural Center, New York brings you the best up-and-coming Hungarian photographers of present day.

The next artist in the series “Through the Lens”, Cultural City Network Award-winning photographer ANIKÓ ROBITZ - featured artist at our “Echoes“ exhibition in 2016 - presents her series “Geo/metry”, a collection of photographs she took in major cities of the world, depicting urban spaces in an unseen manner. The reference to the names of cities is not only made to create an unexpected effect, but rather to make you see that New York is not merely the Statue of Liberty, Paris is not only the Eiffel Tower, and Berlin is not simply the Brandenburg Gate.

About the artist

Anikó Robitz studied analog photography at the Szellemkép Photography School and then graduated from Milton Friedman University. In her photos, she reduces the details of the built, urban environment into geometric shapes that move away from their original reality to create new shapes and meanings. She has participated in art residency programs in Graz, Strasbourg and Tallinn. In 2008, she won the József Pécsi scholarship and received the Cultural City Network Graz Award. Together with Bálint Szombathy and Károly Minyó Szert, she is a member of the PhotoSuprematists group, which was founded in 2013.



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