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ATELIER WALKS | Hungarian visual artists introduce their masterpieces

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We will regularly broadcast special atelier tours guided by outstanding Hungarian visual artists. Let them be painters, sculptors, or installation artists, they will present their masterpieces to our audience in their workshops or via exclusive montages.

This Wednesday the excellent Hungarian-American artist Steven Balogh will present one of his beautiful masterpieces titled Lost innocence, from the permanent Collection of GODWIN-TERNBACH MUSEUM, New York, NY. Part of his ballet-themed series, it is about the ever-demanding, beautiful but fragile life of ballet dancers.

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Atelier Walks


Steven Balogh was born in 1954 in Hegyhátszentpéter, Hungary. After joining the Lajos  Vajda Studio in 1978 and the Studio of Young Artists in Budapest in 1984, he fled Communist dictatorship in 1986 to settle in the United States. He is residing in New York City ever since, having held countless group and solo exhibitions in the USA, EUROPE, and ASIA. Most recently a highly successful solo show in E.TAY Gallery SOHO, New York City. He is a member of the Queens Council On the Arts, New York, RIVAA - Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association, New York, and New York Contemporary Art Center's Arts Review Committee.


Jul 17.
- Jul 17.
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