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BEG ft Tim Ries


The Balázs Elemér Group, one of the most prominent jazz bands in Hungary, was founded in 2000 by Elemér Balázs; a jazz drummer of international reputation. The band with its highly qualified musicians has garnered many recognitions at home, and has built upon its domestic success through impressive performances at prestigious European jazz festivals including Vienna, London, Berlin, The Hague, Prague, Bratislava, Skopje, Rome, Oslo, Glasgow, London and Madrid.
The group has created a strikingly unique melodious sound underscored by interesting rhythmic patterns and accentuated by a fascinating texture of the tonal contrast between the male and female lead-vocals. Their music is extremely versatile, owing to their spirited blending of jazz and the folk-music of the region. It is ethno-jazz at its best, inspired by the meeting of divergent musical cultures. This complexity characterizes their albums as well, linking the otherwise diverse sounds as each of their records creates a unique atmosphere and encompasses a musical world of its own.

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