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06.24-07.30 | Hours: 12 – 7pm
@Alma Gallery | 625 W. 27th Street, New York

The exhibition presents 32 modern and contemporary artists. It includes Moholy-Nagy’s geometric images of city spaces, where the human element is subordinated to formal frameworks. Moholy’s panoptic images shot from bridges find poetic parallels in works by Brassaï as well as the contemporary photographer Gyula Sopronyi. György Lőrinczy’s celebrated book New York has a strong city focus directly relevant to New Yorkers, reflecting the Pop era, but in black-and- white.

Several artists address the architecture of the city—Ákos Czigány, Gábor Arion Kudász, and Anikó Robitz—while Marcell Piti and Mátyás Misetics view the city through glitches in Google Earth. Munkácsi features as a pioneer of both sports photography and fashion photography, molding our perceptions of the body and the body in social settings, including crowds. Kertész' appreciation of formal composition in his images of urban spaces as well as human subjects is echoed in the work of such contemporary photographers as Szilvia Mucsy, Tomas Opitz, and Katrina Horvitz.
The selection includes neo-avant- garde and new-wave artists who turned to performance and body art as modes of expression to rebel against the Iron Curtain, and strikes a balance between male and female contemporary photographers. Éva Szombat fills the project room with an installation on the subjects of men and happiness. Luca Göbölyös’s video, entitled “I want to get married!”, takes the form of a professional cooking show on TV, but is entirely dedicated to traditional recipes for love and marriage, most based on superstition and magic.

The exhibition, curated by Gary van Wyk, is presented by AlmaOnDobbin, the Consulate General of Hungary, and Balassi Insitute / Hungarian Cultural Center, and form part of Modernity X Hungary—A Festival of Hungarian Modernism in New York. Lenders include the Hungarian Museum of Photography, Moholy-Nagy University (MOME), the Kepes Institute in Eger, leading Hungarian galleries, collectors in Hungary and the United States, and Hungarian artists in several countries. Alma’s coordinating partner in Hungary is Art Market Budapest, Eastern Europe’s leading contemporary art event that hosts Art Photo Budapest, one of Europe’s major international photo fairs.

Both exhibitions highlight both László Moholy-Nagy’s significance among the many photographic masters from Hungary, and ongoing excellence and innovation in contemporary photography. Iconic images by Brassaï, Robert Capa, György Kepes, André Kertész, Martin Munkácsi, and Imre Kinszki are juxtaposed with striking art photography dating from the Soviet-dominated 1960s to the present.

Vernissage: June 23, 6-9
Finissage: July 30, 6-8pm


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