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Forced March

The movie was originally shot in Hungary in 1988. Chris Sarandon plays Ben Kline, a successful American television actor who is desperate for a meaningful role to make him a movie star. When he sets out to play a hero who died in the Holocaust, he is forced to face the reality of those victimized by the war. In assuming the role of Miklos Radnoti, who left a notebook of harrowing poems from his ordeal, Ben finds the voice not of a hero, but rather one Jew who tried simply to survive against the rising tide, and now speaks to us from the grave.
Kline is also the son of a Holocaust survivor and has long resented his father’s refusal to speak about the War. Now given the opportunity to play the role of a hero, but faced with the reality of a victim, the boundaries between truth and illusion begin to blur. Kline’s idea of resistance begins to clash with his director (John Seitz), who rejects his impulses to fight back. How will he act, and what kind of legacy will he leave in the minds of the audience, who may only come to know the Holocaust by what they see in the movies?
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Showtimes: 1pm; 3:05pm; 5:10pm; 7:15pm; 9:45
Running time: 1:41
Language: English
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