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Talking with Angels

Talking with Angels is a monodrama elegantly adapted and brilliantly performed by Shelley Mitchell. She brings the true story of Gitta Mallasz, Hanna Dallos, Lili Strauss and Joseph Kreutzer to life with impeccable grace. The drama unfolds around Gitta Mallasz's courageous attempt to save her three Jewish friends and over 100 women and children from deportation by sheltering them in a slave labor factory. As commander in charge she was successful in saving almost everyone. Hanna Dallos, Gitta's childhood friend, was the conduit for the angels' message of personal responsibility and self-awareness. Gitta, Hanna, Lili and Joseph all kept detailed diaries of the poetic and highly personal dialogues they experienced over a period of seventeen months from June 1943 until their deportation in December 1944.
The diaries of these artists' give an account of their dialogue with invisible forces that appeared to them at the time as angels. Gitta Mallasz survived the war and in 1960 smuggled their precious diaries into France. In May 2012 Yad Vashem awarded her the honor of Righteous Among Nations for her role in saving over 100 Jewish women and children.

The dialogues were made public in 1976 as Dialogue avec L’Ange and immediately became a bestseller and has sold over 800,000 copies in French and been translated into 14 languages, but the book in its original language (Az Angyal Vàlaszol) was banned by the Communist régime in Hungary until 1991. Talking with Angels was largely unknown in the USA and UK as only 12,000 copies were sold in English.
The play is based on the original transcripts and brings the experience of Talking with Angels to the 21st century. Notable fans of the book include Juliette Binoche, Julia Roberts and director of Wings of Desire Wim Wenders. Shelley was introduced to the book in 1982 while living in London and was immediately struck by it's theatrical potential. Shelley's adaption of Talking with Angels into a monodrama was based on the original diaries and extensive interviews with the book’s publisher, Jungian analysts, Robert Hinshaw and Lela Fischli of Daimon Press, Switzerland.

As an official selection of the 2013 Fringe festival in New York City, the Balassi Institute - Hungarian Cultural Center is proud to be Shelley Mitchell's partner in finding future showcase opportunities for this piece and we recommend to all Friends of the Center this unique opportunity to experience this magical text on stage, in a wonderful and rare performance. For tickets and dates please scroll down.

Wed - August 14 at 4:00
Sat - August 17 at 2:30
Sun - August 18 at 8:45
Mon -August 19 at 8:30
Fri - August 23 at 4:30
Sat - August 24 at 9:00

White Box Theater (venue 15 - show #1864) 440 Lafayette Street, 10003


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