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TÜKRÖS Tour - Hungarian Village Music

Since founded in 1986, TÜKRÖS Ensemble became one of Hungary’s most respected revival folk bands. The band collects authentic folk music in remote villages of Hungary and Transylvania, and from archival recordings, preserving and presenting this music in its most authentic form yet in a style most entertaining and suitable for all audiences. Their performance is a voyage back to historical times, when traditional folk music was an integral and crucial part of the village community’s daily life. Their albums have been very popular, especially the collection from Szatmár county [North Eastern Hungary], which became a landmark release.
In recent years the Dance House movement has achieved a broad pool of enthusiasts. Listed in 2011 as part of the UNESCO world heritage, „Táncház” is practiced across the globe from Japan to the US, far both in time and space from its origins in the village culture of Hungary and Transylvania. Tükrös, keen to promote it from the beginning,remain a faithful and devoted representatives of this unique music.They perform on a regular basis at FONÓ, a popular folk music café in Budapest. Besides making music the band members are dedicated to teaching folk music in schools and organizing an annual folk music camp in Hungary.

TÜKRÖS members are professional musicians with decades of performing experience. The band has toured throughout Europe, twice in Australia and once in North America. Members are Attila Halmos, violin – his attraction to folk music evolved at a very early age through his ethnomusicologist father; Gergely Koncz, violin - one of Hungary’s youngest and most talented folk violinists; Péter Árendás, brácsa [viola] – musical director of the BUDAPEST Folk Ensemble and key figure in the Hungarian folk music scene; Endre Liber, brácsa [viola] and cimbalom – a prominent musician in the Budapest folk music scene with many years of experience and last but not least András Lelkes, bőgő [double bass] – a talented and nevertheless versatile musician with experience mainly in folk music and jazz.
On the tour Norbert and Zsuzsanna Busai, folk-dancers and teachers are accompanying the band, whose dance performance will make the concerts an unforgettable experience.

Just as Tükrös absorb music from its organic context, they also create a living ambience through regular concerts, camps, club events, teaching. They play as a band, or accompanying dance groups. They are regular guests at annual Dance House meeting since 1990, and other notable folk music festivals and events. Apart from numerous domestic shows, they have toured across Europe, in the USA (2002, 2009, 2013), and Australia (2000; 2002; 2012).


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