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Annamária comes from the countries Hungary and Bulgaria and uses the culture and languages of both of these fascinating places to the music's advantage. With songs sung in up to seven languages (Hungarian, Romani, Bulgarian, Finnish, English, Arabic and Spanish), Meszecsinka takes you on a exciting tour of many different European musics, while resulting in a sound that is entirely their own. The members of the band have comes together from other internationally acknowledged bands (Korai Öröm, Fokatelep, Kampec Dolores), to form a sound and attitude unlike anything heard before.
Meszecsinka has recently been making a splash in Hungary and abroad. In 2011, they were chosen from over 100 other bands to win first prize in the Folkbeats contest in Hungary, which resulted in their debut American tour. Their debut album was released in May 2012 on CD by Narrator Records. The worldwide digital release followed shortly on the German label Hiperbole Records. The Album can be sampled here:

Meszecsinka returns to the United States in Spring 2013 for a tour of the East Coast. The tour begins on April 18th, at Trumpets in Montclair, NJ. The band will play in New York City, joined by NYC Balkan Brass band Zlatne Uste at the world famous East Village club DROM on April 19th. Tickets are available here:

The Hungarian Cultural Center has access to a limited number of reduced priced tickets. Please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve a maximum of 2 tickets payable at the door for the April 19 show before they run out!
Performers: Annamária Oláh, (voice), Emil Biljarski (keyboards, guitar), Dávid Krolikowski (percussion), Árpád Vajdovich (double bass, bass guitar).


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