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The Newest Star to Emerge from Hungary’s Thriving World Music Scene performs music from Hungary and beyond with a special set featuring Turkish and Moroccan songs. The winner of the Grand Prize at the 2011 FOLKBEATS festival, Mária Majda Guessous (voice) performs with multi-instrumentalists Iván Barvich Dávid Gerzson Boros using Central European and Turkish traditional instruments.

Majda Mária Guessous, known as “Mesi,” was born in Debrecen Hungary, her mother’s homeland, her father is from Morocco. Her unique cultural background has always been a source of inspiration for her,  and helped make her much more beyond just an impeccably trained musician-vocalist. The winner of a number of awards and scholarship,a graduate of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest, Mesi burst on the scene a few years ago presenting her unique blend of Arabic, Turkish, Hungarian and other Central European  music, immediately recognizable thanks to her brilliant voice and the depth of feeling. She is fascinated by parallels and cultural transfer that link even geographically distant types of folk music and presents and exciting mixture at her concerts that are as true to the original idea behind the term “world music” as any musical event can be.

She will be accompanied by two musicians bringing musical depth to the this unique musical voyage criss-crossing Europe and the Mediterranean: Iván Barvich, from the famous Sebő Ensemble, on wind instruments and tambura, and Dávid Gerzson Boros, Mesi’s husband, on percussive instruments.

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Oct 31.
- Oct 31.
Online Cimbalom Gala: Nicholas Tolle


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