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The Balassi Institute -Hungarian Cultural Center New York is proud to present two performances of Tao Te by award winning choreographer-dancer Ferenc Fehér and Ákos Dózsa at Theater 500, Roy Arias Theaters at 300 W43rd Street (off of 8th Avenue), at 7pm on 15 and 16 May. To reserve tickets please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , indicating the date and the number of persons arriving with you. Alternatively, for a small service fee, you may use the online retailer in partnership with Roy Arias Theaters. To purchase tickets on-line please visit the following link Tickets cost USD 10 per person. Reserved tickets may be picked up on the day of the show after 6pm (1 hour before curtain time) at the box office of Roy Arias Theaters. Please call us if you do not receive a reply to your reservation request in 24 hours.

Tao Te won first prize at the 14th National and International Contemporary Dance Festival in Veszprém, Hungary, the Rudolf von Laban Prize for Best Contemporary Dance Performance of the Year 2010 in Hungary and third prize at the 15th MASDANZA International Choreography Contest in Maspolomas, Gran Canarias.

The title of this duet for two male dancers refers to Lao Tze's famous and well-known work, Tao Te Ching – The Path of Virtue. In the title, Tao refers to the path, the way, the universal law, and Te refers to virtue – the power through which tao manifests itself. The task is to maintain harmony. The original text invites readers to strive for a virtuous and meaningful life, but it also describes the failures that this search involves. It is this tension that is visible in the dance. The forty-minute long intense physical dance is a story of two men with different characters and attitudes. Are they friends? Or brothers? Or are they just strangers? Their character evolves through a series of situations, conflicts, inner struggles and failures. They change and develop just as the path changes as you go on your way. Can they find the desired harmony in the end?

Creators: Ferenc Fehér, Ákos Dózsa, Dancers: Ákos Dózsa, Ferenc Fehér, Music: Ferenc Fehér, Lighting designer: Gabi Bánki, Light: Dávid Kovácsovics, Sound technician: Judit Simom, Choreography: Ferenc Fehér

"The piece for the most part is nothing else than an endless duel between the two dancers, who seem as if they were living in symbiosis, as if they would not even exist without a partner/adversary. Their struggles are, on the one hand, playfully stylized, as if they were merely the figures in a computer game or a marionette theatre, and at other times, as if they were the heroes of an absurd comedy, or rather, a strange burlesque." - Ágnes Veronika Tóth,


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