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Lecture by Géza M. Tóth

The Hungarian Cultural Center in New York has had a great fall season thanks to some fabulous artists, and also your attendance and support. After a period of reorganization, we had been testing the waters, presenting mainly fine art in the early fall, then switching to music events in late October and November. The wintertime has been about wrapping up our sequence of events for our "second start" (before returning in 2012 with a full staff and some excellent programs in addition to an all new homepage). Closing off the 2011 year, we offered some literary evenings and most importantly a series of multimedia events (screenings and exhibitions) highlighting the exceptionally rich culture of Hungarian animated film and the artists behind them – entirely in keeping with our fall motto of presenting a "Wealth of Difference" from Hungary.

To kick off the final program cycle, we invited everyone to meet and greet Academy Award nominee Geza M. Toth, who presented and discussed his favourite work at the Center on 22 November.



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