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PAST EVENT | Hodworks

Hodworks will perform DAWN as part of TÁNC/DÆ'NS - Contemporary dance series at Abrons Arts Center - Harry De Jur Playhouse on November 22 &23. 
About Hodworks
The Hodworks was established in 2007 by Adrienn Hód. Alongside permanent creative members, artists are also invited to co-operate with this international contemporary troupe. It is a creative group that is based on independent artistic creativity with great degree of concentration and a sensitive and proactively fresh approach. At the center of their work is a body free of all obstacles, intermediaries, decorations, props and theatrical devices. Performances are always headed in an unknown, new, progressive direction. One consistent quality is a virtuosic language of movement established and refined through many hours of experimental work. The main tool of the rehearsal process is improvisation, which they re-invent in performance within a carefully planned structure. Choreographic structures are marked by a delicate teeter from abstract presentation to specific meaning and back. A Hodworks performance dilates the senses and the spirit of the audience. It tempts them, but never is aggressive. It causes one to question and to doubt. It does not compromise. It does not aim to please.

(Recommended only for adults)
In Hodworks’ DAWN we see the creation of movement. The body is exhibited as a landscape at an intimate closeness. The naked body is dressed in sketches of muscle, the kneading of skin, the remains of contact, the reddening of skin. What presents itself is a forgotten anatomical, mechanical, machine-like condition, an “animal character” of the body, something that is stifled and taboo in today’s world. The continuity of mutual influence and unstoppable change create from a daring presentation which delves into the dancers extraordinary consideration, refinement, strength and consciousness. Devoid of prejudice it is that free, radical form of exploration of the body we have come to expect of Adrienn Hód. DAWN has been selected into 2014 Priority Companies by Aerowaves and won the Rudolf Lábán Award as the most outstanding Hungarian contemporary dance performance of the 2013 season.
"During the rehearsals I am most interested in those movements that I have difficulties with to describe and classify, or about which I cannot decide what I actually see." (Adrienn Hód)
In the latest production of Hodworks, the naked human body takes center stage. It opens up in front of us like a landscape, dressed in the outlines of the muscles, the wrinkles of the skin and its flushed texture. We get to witness the body's anatomical-mechanical nature or “animal-like quality”, which is so much of a taboo of our times. The continuity of the interactions and the unstoppable series of changes turn this daring piece into a performance, which demands an exceptionally high level of consciousness, strength, and sensitivity from the dancers. Dawn is an autonomous and radical research of the body, free from prejudices - just as to be expected from Adrienn Hód.

Choreography: Adrienn Hód
Performers: Emese Cuhorka, Júlia Garai, Csaba Molnár, Marcio Canabarro
Live music: Zoltán Mizsei
Music consultant: Zsolt Sőrés Ahad
Consultants: Ármin Szabó-Székely, Marco Torrice, Zsolt Sőrés
Light design: Kata Dézsi
Co-produced by: Trafó – House of Contemporary Arts
Supported by: Ministry of Human Resources (H), National Cultural Fund (H), New Performing Arts Foundation (H), OFF Foundation (H),SÍN Cultural Centre (H), Workshop Foundation (H), Départs (EU), Culture programme of the European Union
Premiere: 16 May, 2013 - Trafó, Budapest

Major Awards

2011 - Basse danse awarded Rudolf Laban Prize as the most outstanding contemporary dance performance of the season in Hungary
2012 - Basse danse selected into Aerowaves Priority Companies 2012
2014 - Dawn selected into Aerowaves Priority Companies 2014
2014- Dawn awarded Rudolf Laban Prize as the most outstanding contemporary dance performance of the 2013 season in Hungary

„All credit to Emese Cuhorka, Júlia Garai, Csaba Molnár and Marcio Canabarro for bravely grappling with their ’humanimalism’ and exposing their anti- erotic (?) selves. Sprinkled with unexpected glimmers of tenderness, this dance where the whole is greater than the sum of the (body) parts.” - Donald Hutera, Published at Aerowaves Spring Back, April 2014
„Four bodies in motion, wearing their nakedness as naturally as a bird in flight, a hound crossing the street, or the members of tribes living in the wild, far from civilization.”
„While it is an abstract exchange of touch, contact, and moments, it nonetheless, knows no prohibited zone, no tabooed surface.  In the dancers' movements, there is a carelessness, a lack of precaution or consideration.  Every part of the body, every detail, comes intricately into play, from the outer limbs, through the bending torso, to the intimate areas--they all bear the same import.”
„It is to see the work of muscle, the stickiness of sinews, the reddening of the skin, the sweaty force of the body, and the exposure of the many details of some extreme situations; to see open inclines, and hidden crannies.” - Chain Reaction, by Csaba Králl, Published in Élet és irodalom  [Life and Literature periodical], 26 May 2013
„This time, Adrienn Hód has really gone out on a limb. Hodworks' productions have never shied away from radical experimentation, or innovation.  But Dawn, the follow-up to The Way My Father  Imagined it All, surpasses every expectation.„
„There is no costume design, and no set either - at least, not in the classical sense.  Complete nakedness has a greater impact than simple costumes.  It creates qualities unavailable elsewhere.  Without clothing, bodies come in direct contact with the dance mat.  As a consequence, their skin is drawn across it.  Not only does this produce an unbearable sound, but it reddens the skin. So the "reddening of dawn" is brought to life, and presents itself on a homogenous map.”
„Bodies begin to sweat, leaving marks on the stage and changing the nature of some of the movements, as man and woman begin to slide over one another.  Nothing is hidden from the viewers; human odor permeates, and we cannot turn our attention away from the unconcealed truth. Of the piece's many virtues, this is its greatest. It presents us with what the human body is, in reality, without shame or embarrassment.  There are no niceties, no sugarcoating, and perhaps most importantly, this careless candor liberates us.”
„By some accounts, Pirkad may not even be considered dance, but perhaps some bizarre performance art. Another approach might question, with credence, whether anything other than this should be considered contemporary dance.” - Merciless Nakedness, by Felícia András, Published in Ellenfény, 22 May 2013
„I cannot say what that was. Elaborate and inadvertant, intimate yet distant, personal and general, it was something of which me must speak, though I am not sure we could if we tried.”
„This is not a simple matter, for while there is nothing embarrassing about four people undressing and bearing every square inch of their bodies and its movement to us, as one becomes enveloped by these movements--these pulsations--whether we want to or not, we find ourselves wondering if it is right to look at this, to so deeply and anonymously paw into the intimate areas of others.” - Nude Awakening by Attila Nyulassy, Published 24 May 2013

Curricula Vitae

Adrienn HÓD (1975) – HU

Choreographer, teacher, is known for her radical approach to bodies, space, experimental music and the interrelation of these - including the audience. During her education she acquired a wide array of movement styles and theatrical approaches that allow her to focus her attention on her dancers and the deconstruction/reconstruction of their proper movements. Her works are based on improvisation and she concentrates on the human body taken out of its cultural context. Her creations seek to delve into what is 'really' going on in her dancers and to connect that very thing with the audience, often filled with playfulness and self-reflecting humor. She likes staging her works in spaces with minimal stage design. As she puts it: "Minimalism to the core. To me, bodies and voices will fill any space. Pure nothingness pulls me in. The void carries the inspiration to which my soul responds."

Csaba MOLNÁR (1986) – SK

Dancer, studied at the Budapest Contemporary Dance School. Following his graduation in 2004 he got submitted to P.A.R.T.S of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. After finishing the two-year Training Cycle program in 2006 he joined the Italian company Virgilio Sieni Danza. Csaba has learned from and worked with Adrienn Hód for times immemorial, reaching back as far as his admission to the Budapest Contemporary Dance School. Next to his work as an interpreter he develops, in the meantime, his own choreographies. In 2010, he becomes one of the founding members of Bloom!, an international dance collective. After KITTY 2012 his first own work, Decameron will be premiered in May 2014.

Emese CUHORKA (1983) – HU

Dancer, graduated at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy in 2011 where she currently studies in the MA program. She began working with Adrienn Hód in 2005 and, since then, she has participated in each Hodworks production. Besides Hodworks she regularly cooperates with other emerging creators such as László Fülöp or The Symptoms. Her latest stage work is a remake of Trisha Brown's 'Set and Reset' by Vicky Shick and Éva Karczag. She teaches improvisation at the Budapest Contemporary Dance School and engaged in outreach program to introduce performing arts to students.

Júlia GARAI (1977) – HU

Dancer and teacher Júlia has studied classical ballet, folk dance and contemporary dance. Founding member of Adrienn Hód's previous company (1995-2007) and HODWORKS (2007-). During her professional career she worked with over a dozen companies both in Hungary and abroad, and teaches ballet technique and creative dance for mentally disabled people since 2007. She participated in almost all of Adrienn Hód's productions. Besides her stage-work she is an eager improvisation teacher for children and for seniors.

Marcio CANABARRO (1985) – BR

Dancer, graduated in 2006 at UNIJUI (RS, Brazil), as a BA in Social Communication - Publicity and Advertisement. In 2007 he was part of the first generation of the Grupo Experimental de Dança da Cidade at Porto Alegre (RS, Brazil). In September 2008 he relocated to Europe to follow SEAD's Undergraduate Artist Program in Salzburg that he finished in 2011. Ever since he has been dancing with Adrienn Hód’s company, Hodworks, based in Budapest. Canabarro has also collaborated with Matej Kejzar (SL), Martin Kilvady (SK), Maya M. Carroll (D), Diego Gil (AR/nl) and Keith Hennessy (US). Since August 2012 he joined Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods (BE /D) for ‘Violet’.  From Fall of 2014 he works with Peter Pleyer (D).

Zoltán MIZSEI (1970) – HU

Composer, singer, musician, Zoltán graduated at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in 1995. He received his DLA degree in religious music in 2004. Mizsei teaches literature of religious music, hymnology, mensural paleography, solfege and chamber music, as well as improvisation, music theory and literature at the Music Academy and at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. He regularly participates as composer and musician in the performances of HODWORKS since 2007.


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