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Balassi Summer University

The Summer University of the Balassi Institute will be held between 30 July and 24 August, 2012 offering a wide range of programs in and outside of Budapest, including Hungarian language classes, lectures on Hungarian culture and field trips to popular spots in Hungary). We offer Hungarian classes at all levels from basic to advanced (A1-C1). The lectures (in English) as well as the field trips are designed to present different aspects of Hungarian culture. Our experienced and enthusiastic teachers use the most up-to-date methods of guided discovery and self-discovery; students are exposed to everyday situations in Hungarian in a challenging way. The Hungarian language lessons are combined with lectures on Hungarian history, music, folk and fine arts, gastronomy as well as on the country's special position in Central Europe with the teaching aim to survey the periods of Hungarian history, focusing on the most important events and personalities as well as the European aspects, 20th century etc. The museum visits and field trips connected to the lectures assist in putting the theory into practice. The capital city, the atmosphere of an exciting European metropolis and the countryside provide a variety of enriching cultural experiences.

Lectures include The Hungarian Language, Spotlight on Hungarian Theatre, The Breakthrough Period – Hungarian Painting 1867-1920, Milestones of Hungarian History, The Revolution and War of Independence in 1956, The History of Hungarian Film. Excursion are planned to Northern Hungary and to Lake Balaton. Budapest programs include guided tours, museum tours including the unique Vasarely Museum and the House of Terror, as well as wine-tasting and other cultural and culinary experiences.

Students can apply for the Balassi Summer University program through the Hungarian Scholarship Board to compete for funding, or they can enroll and pay for the course themselves. Heritage students from overseas can apply for the Balassi Summer University scholarship directly (click here for more info). For more information, please contact Bernadett Budavári (Department of Hungarian Language, Balassi Institute, Budapest, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).


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