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City Colors


Don't miss the Hungarian colorist painter Csaba Szegedi's "City Colors" Vernissage on 20 October at the Hungarian Cultural Center. All of the exhibits were inspired by Manhattan, which the 26-year-old artist fell in love with when visiting his sweet-heart here 25 years ago. The exhibition can be divided in two themes. One part was painted right after Szegedi's first visit to New York City and the other in 2006 as part of his doctoral dissertation on stereoscopic vision. But let's allow the artist to speak for himself.

Csaba Szegedi

Why I am a colorist?

I believe color to be the most basic means of expression in painting. A picture speaks to us first and foremost through color, just as music does through tones. As Maurice Denis argued, "a picture, before being a war-horse, a nude or an anecdote of some kind, is essentially a flat surface covered with colors assembled in a certain order." Contemporary art often runs the risk of forgetting to see. Works that would commonly be labeled postmodern are often philosophical, reflective of political and social dilemmas, which, while interesting, represent added content for art: content in the representation of which art shares its function with the press, sociological and philosophical texts and other non-visual media.

As a painter, I seek to delve into the problems that constitute the very core of painting. This means that I am interested in parts and aspects of reality which are best captured by painting them. Such an aspect is the relationship between space and the picture-plane of the painting itself, the one "covered with colors and assembled in a certain order".

As Chagall said, "painting is nothing else than color, the chemistry of color ... And what color is? I do not know."


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