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Different Visions



After a while here we come again. The reopening event of the Hungarian Cultural Center, New York is Different Visions, a joint exhibition of two must.know, must-see Hungarian grafic artists István Bányai and Tibor Kárpáti.


Istvan Banyai has lived in the United States since 1981. He has contributed his art to scores of publications, including The New Yorker and Rolling Stone magazine. He is the author of the 1995 volume Zoom, a milestone in graphic art and an exceptionally innovative visual and thought experiment that catapulted him to world fame.



Tibor Kárpáti is a Hungarian graphic artist who has worked for The New Yorker magazine and contributed numerous works to other publications. His interpretations of children's tales and cityscapes have been exhibited in several countries, including his native Hungary, Belgium and France.



The government - founded Hungarian Cultural Center New York exists since it was founded by the Hungarian Ministry of Culture in 2001. After a long term break the Hungarian Cultural Center is now opening with its old-new aims to host exhibitions, lectures, performances, concerts, and screenings onsite and offsite, as part of Hungary's mission to promote cultural diplomacy abroad. 

Just like the artists we have different visions and we can't wait to welcome you on our board!


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