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Ferenc Fehér: STIX 66
Date: March 28, 2014
VenueAbrons Arts Center
Tickets: $15 Purchase via Abrons

After his 2011 NY debut, which ended in an enthusiastic standing ovation, Ferenc Fehér returns with a new opus. 
Selected as “Priority Artists” by Aerowaves, the European cross-border dance network, Austria’s Navaridas+Deutinger and Hungary’s Ferenc Fehér take the stage at Abrons Arts Center as an exceptional double bill.

For two performances on 28 February and 1 March, Ferenc Fehér presents his enigmatic Stix 66, and ode to simplicity, exploring notions of emptiness, plain existence without meaning and reference. This newest adventure by self-taught virtuoso Fehér, winner of the Laban Award along with a host of international accolades, continues his boundary-defying work. Once again, he ties together his trademark style of dance after the demise or becoming impossible of dance, a self-composed minimalist electro score and unflinching commitment to ask piercing questions through movement about his and our existence in a single-act performance of exceptional intensity.
Ferenc Fehér: STIX 66
DANCE  /2010
The length of the show:  40 minutes
The title of the show: STIX 66
Choreography > Ferenc Fehér
Performer > Ferenc Fehér
Music > Ferenc Fehér
Costumes > Judit Simon
Lighting > Dávid Kovácsovics
Sound technician > Judit Simon

My name is Stix Sixty-six. It's only a name, nothing more. It means: nothing.
Fools' storm becomes necrotic on my leg, I am me, Nothing. I'm just walking staring. Sometimes I look at you and wave to you. There is nothing, no word, no story, just simple existence. I take off my no kind of clothes, I'm naked, I am nothing and nobody. My name is Stix Sixty-six.
Ferenc Fehér, who does not seem to be restricted by the laws of physics or biology, claims that it is not the movement, but the state that is the most important in dance. It is the state of the dancer that influences the viewers, and all the performances of Ferenc Fehér are overwhelming. The self-taught [i. e. naturally talented] dancer worked in joint productions with Anikó Juhász between 1999 and 2006, and since 2007 he has created a number of his own performances. He received a Professional Award at Fringe Pécs 2010. Due to his incredible virtuosity, acrobatic abilities, physical strength and potency, he is one of the most enthralling figures of the Hungarian dance art. His new performance is an ultimatum to simplicity, its subject matter is nothingness.
Supporters: Balassi NY | NKA | Workshop Foundation | Katlan Group


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