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Biro Eszter Tour

Eszter is inspired by the Jewish musical tradition of the Eastern European heritage in which she grew up. In versatile composer, arranger, musician Fodo she had found her dream musical partner. The ancient Jewish songs are sung in many different languages in her unique interpretation while the arrangement mixes Hungarian and Balkan folk instruments with today’s technical influences. There is a folk song from the beginning of the 20th century from Transylvania and the most ancient is in Aramaic from a thousand year ago from Iraq.
Eszter‘s main performances include the concerts in Zaragoza World Expo, A38 Boat, Maribor Etnika Festival, Sopot Jewish Festival, the Jewish Summer Festival in Budapest,  the Palace of the Arts, Budapest, Saint George Days Festival in Transylvania.
Eszter’s music uses a unique fusion of styles where the ancient Jewish melodies in Hungarian, Yiddish, Hebrew and Judeo-Spanish take you from Hungary to the Middle East, Persian Gulf, the shores of the Indian Ocean along the desert to the Mediterranean. On the journey you can find poems of Hungarian poet’s musicalized by Fodo and newly written songs as well. 

Eszter’s band include four exceptional musicians, Sandor Fodo who plays multiple intruments and arranged the program as well as composed new songs for Eszter. Nikola Parov, who plays several instruments as clarinet, kaval, gadulka, Bulgarian bagpipe, nickelharp, had toured with Riverdance for ten years in the US and back in Budapest composed two full-night shows for the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble. Peter Papesch is one of the best bass players in Hungary as well as Mate Hamori who is Eszter’s permanent guitar player. The band’s music sometimes sofisticated and intimate, but mostly it is cheerful, passionate, virtuoso and uplifting.

The band: Eszter Biro – vocals; Sandor Fodo – percussion, drums, accordion, melodion, keyboard; Nikola Parov – clarinet, nickelharp, kaval, violin, gadulka, gayda; Mate Hamori – guitars; Peter Papesch – bass; Laszlo Takacs – Sound technician


Eszter is a versatile performer who is acknowledged as a singer, film and musical actress in Hungary. Her major success includes the female lead role of the Hungarian – Polish movie A Miracle in Cracow, Christine on the Hungarian premiere of Webber’s The Phantom of The Opera and singing as lead vocalist of the well-known Budapest Klezmer Band.
Her career started at the age of 16 with the title role of Miss Saigon performing the lead over a 100 times. That was followed by the female lead role of Dorian Gray performed in London. In 1997 she won the first prize of The Youth Eurovision Festival in Croatia. After graduating from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York she played Mary Magdolene on the tour of Jesus Christ Superstar among many others. Back in Budapest she had the chance to perform with legendary Al Di Meola and played the main role in worldwide famous Barcelona’s La Fura dels Baus Theatre’s performance.
After gaining 6 years of experience and major success in touring through Europe with traditional klezmer music she stepped out of Budapest Klezmer Band and created her own projects.
In 2007 her first world music record called Ezter had been released on which she creates her own musical world in singing Jewish folk songs from different parts of the world in unique, electro-acoustic arrangement in 8 different languages. One of the songs from the record was chosen for Hungary’s main promotional compilation record, the Hungry for Hungary and the record is already part of the collection of New York Jewish Music Research Institute.

That was followed by the album titled When will that happen? released at the end of 2009. Her recent success includes her book and CD called Animal Musical Alphabet created for children.
At the age of 35 next to her performing career Eszter owns a music publishing company and is a happy mother of two little children.
Her awards:  Gundel Artistic Prize (2003), Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Grand Prize as Singer of the Year (2002), Youth Eurovision Contest (Croatia) – 1st place (1997).

SANDOR FODO – Composer, arranger, percussionist, pianist, accordion player

Songwriter, arranger and musical producer Fodo inspite of his young age is a composer with many Platinum and Gold Records. In 2008 he debuted in composing original film music in Pici Pápai’s short films “The Chinese snow” and “Coming out”. He started to play piano at the age of 6 in music school. The main impressions for playing percussions and drums came from Trilok Gurtu, Giovanni Hidalgo, Luis Conte and Don Alias. As a musician he played with Márta Sebestyén, Mihály Sipos, Desney Bailey, Tino Gonzales, Gábor Presser, Locomotic GT, Irén Lovász and the Hungarian World Music Orchestra, „Tzumo” Árpád Oláh among many others. He formed his first band called Dafina at the age of 18 that played a unique mix of world music with Hungarian and Balkan folk motives and jazz. Then he created his own jazz formation called FODO with the top jazz players of Hungary. He composed and arranged songs for many records of Judit Halász, Azuma Clan, Juli Fábián and Eszter Biro. In the industry many colleges foretell him a major musical carreer.

NIKOLA PAROV – clarinet, kaval, gadulka, gayda, nickelharpa player

Nikola Parov is a producer, musician and composer who is specialized in Balkan and Eastern European traditional music that he fusions with jazz, classical and ethic sounds. He was chosen as a soloist and a multi-instrumentalist for the Riverdance Orchestra playing on New York’s Broadway and around the world with the production for more than 7 years. Back in Budapest he composed music for two full evening performances for the Hungarian State’s Folk Ensemble called Sun’s Legend and Time of Dreams.
Nikola Parov’s commitment to culture and music studies was acknowledged by the George Soros Foundation and the Academy of Science in Budapest. With their support he spent several years meticulously researching and documenting the history, culture and instruments of Balkan music.

PÉTER PAPESCH – bass player
The Kecskemét-born musician started to study the bass surprisingly only at the age of 20 in self-educated way. By now, thanks to his openness to many different styles and his tremendous practicing, he is one of the best bass players in Hungary. The art of Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten and Gary Willis made great impression on his playing. Peter performed in lots of different styles in bands like Mitsoura, LGT, European Mantra, Kaltenecker Trio, Tibor Tátrai and next to Azuma Clan recently he plays with EZTER, Gábor Presser, Juli Fábián, Gábor Juhász Trio and Erika Marozsán’s band.

MÁTÉ HÁMORI – guitarist
The 27 year-old, Budapest-born Mate is a multi gold and platinum recording guitarist. He is the composer and sound designer of the prize-winning animation film 'Rabbit and Deer' ( He has been playing the guitar in professional bands since the age of 19. Despite of his young age he is one of the most employed session guitarists in Hungary. He has played on many records and live productions and gained experience in a wide variety of styles. He has played on all the most significant Hungarian stages (like the Main stage and the World Music Main stage of Sziget Festival) and in many parts of Europe. Every now and then he participates in performances of Hungarian theaters as a musician. Máté has already worked with most of the top artists and bands of Hungary (Besh o droM, Gábor Presser, Charlie, Péter Geszti, Mariann Falusi, Zséda, Mihály Borbély, Gyula Csepregi, Szilvia Bognár, János Bródy, Barna Pély, Erzsi Kiss, Éliás Jr., Pierrot etc.)

LÁSZLÓ TAKÁCS – sound enginner
László was born in Siófok in 1973 and works as a sound enginer from the middle of the 90’s. From 2001 to 2011 he was the sound engineer of Budapest’s Millenaris Park, from 2008 he continued as the Park’s lead sound technician. Before, during and since this period he worked with several bands as Hobo’s productions, Neck Sprain, Magma Rise, Super Butt, Zagar, Amorf Ördögök, Tankcsapda, Lord, János Bródy and band etc. Since 2010 he works in sound studios as well. Since 1995 László works with the most popular daw programs and the connecting audio and video peripheries. Between 2008 and 2011 he was leading sound engineer courses for the students of Budapest Athene Academy.


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