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Budapest Bar

Budapest Bar recreates the mood of this extraordinary time and place in a stage show that brings the charm and intimacy of a club performance to concert hall audiences. Its members combine impeccable musical chops and modern musical sensibilities with the virtuosity and traditions of generations of Hungarian Gypsy performers.
Budapest Bar's performances in clubs, theaters, concert halls and festivals in Hungary are routinely sold out. The stage show features a four-piece Gypsy band with a rotating roster of singers and musicians drawn from the crème de la crème of the international and Hungarian rock, underground and jazz scenes. It is a winning combination — the favorites of yesteryear interpreted by the stars of today — that attracts listeners young and old. At the BT River of Music festival, produced in conjunction with the London Olympics, Budapest Bar broadened its collaboration to include musicians and singers from 11 countries, which has expanded the band's renown beyond Hungary's borders.
When bandleader Róbert Farkas put the Budapest Bár band together in 2007, he wanted to create a first-class ensemble that would exemplify Central European urban Gypsy music at its best, rather than what had become its commonplace kitschy-nostalgia worst. The result is a professional music group at the heart of a tight-knit collaborative miscellany of performers that transcends ethnic, musical and generational boundaries.
The band comes to the United States this Spring for two shows in the heart of New York City. Playing a sold-out show on April 9th at Elebash Hall at the CUNY Grad Center and a second one at the popular East Village club DROM on April 10th. Tickets for the latter are still available here:
The Hungarian Cultural Center has access to a limited number of reduced priced tickets. Please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve a maximum of 2 tickets payable at the door for the April 10 show  before they run out!

Performers: Róbert Farkas (violin, guitar), Károly Ökrös (piano, accordion), Mihály Farkas (cimbalom), Richárd Farkas (double bass), Frenk (drums, vocals), Juci Németh (vocals), Tania Saedi (vocals)


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