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Humans in the midst of Inhumanity - Visky András in New York Part 1


The Hungarian Cultural Center

cordially invites you to a conversation and discussion with playwright, dramaturg and university Professor

András Visky

and actor and artistic director of Theater Y

Melissa Hawkins

to be held at the

Hungarian Cultural Center

447 Broadway, 5th Floor

at 4 pm on 12 February, 2012.

RSVP: info@culturehungary.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 212 750 44 50

Standing reception to follow.


The conversation will focus on those elements of Visky's work that highlight the impact of power on the invidual, including his personal experiences of the deportation camps in Romania. The intense studies that the plays represent will be discussed from various angles, inculding the problems of staging and acting them, but also the philosophical and humanist puzzles they pose.

András Visky, the award-winning dramaturg of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, has been adding newer and newer plays to an impressive theatrical oeuvre that bears witness to his and his family's experiences as deportees and later as sufferers of Nicolae Ceaușescus dictatorship. A great master of the genre of monodrama and a rejuvenator of theatrical dramaturgy, his works address the sometimes overt, sometimes insidious ways in which power acts on the minds of individuals and, indirectly, communities. His pieces are characterized by the transcendent quality of discussing human suffering and experience where a specific historical setting helps, not hinders the illustration of existential situations that are all too familiar to those who study or have experienced the way power confronts and shapes the human mind and body.

Melissa Hawkins started her acting career at the Studio K in Budapest, Hungary upon graduating from Northern Illinois University in 2002. She performed in the first English-language stage version of Visky's Juliet, a production that has seen performances in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Canada, Israel, and over 100 venues in the United States, including the New York International Fringe Festival. Recently, she has been touring with I Killed my Mother following performances of the play in Chicago at the Greenhouse Theater.  Melissa Hawkins has also participated in the Compagnia de' Colombari's production of Strangers and Other Angels  in New York. She is currently performing the second Visky play, I killed my Mother, at LaMama Theater.



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